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I created this place because my endless digital circles (look at the bottom of the site to see what I mean) need a way to come together. This website amalgamates those things. I’m creating an internet hub where all the things that I’ve done, am doing, and want to do can live. I admittedly spend most of my time in front of a screen. Some of my passions are writing clean code, creating awesome user experiences and filling up a fresh cup of coffee.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology (B.Sc.-IT) from Amity University, Noida (India) in 2012. I'm currently pursuing Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) from Amity University. I was selected amongst top handful students from across the country for the Google Student Ambassador Program. Being a Google Student Ambassador (GSA), I acted as liaison between Google and my University. I founded the Google Student's Club at my college campus to conduct various productive activities for promoting digital literacy. I even trained 30 International Government Employees from 19 countries, on Google Apps, at CDAC-Noida. Currently, I'm Google Student Ambassador Alumnus.

I'm always interested in interacting with people, building innovative concepts and exploring the world. I believe in creating things that help people. I'm an active member and volunteer teacher at The Earth Saviours Foundation, an Internationally recognized NGO, situated in Delhi, India. I live by the principle that we can all do well by doing good.

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Jas Singh Bhasin


  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Java
  • XML
  • Android

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